Thursday, May 18, 2017

Images of Greatness Reflection

My Image of Greatness was Galileo Galilei. Galileo was the man that proved that Earth orbits the sun along with the other planets. Before his discoveries, everyone thought the sun and all the planets orbited Earth. I believe that he is great because of his discoveries, and how he has contributed to science. I admire that Galileo was able to disprove what was previously thought was true and continued to write about it even though it was illegal for him to do it.
     I was most proud of my board. It was something that I enjoyed making and I like the outcome of it. The most challenging part of the unit was speaking my bio-riddle. I was really nervous, but I got through it.
   I think I grew as a student because I had to make sure I had everything done in time and done well. It's important to do these things because deadlines are part of everyday life, and if you don't get things done well, then not many people would like what you did.
    I could've improved some things in my project. I would probably make a better bio-riddle and make it sound more like a riddle. It didn't sound much like a riddle, but more like just telling what my Image of Greatness did. Also I would improve my board by putting short facts with larger text, because I don't think people would want to read my whole essay.
     The best part of the Images of Greatness Celebration was probably the food and getting to see what other people put on their boards. I didn't try a lot of the foods, but it was cool to see how they related to the person's Image of Greatness. I liked looking at other people's boards because I got to see how theirs was set up.

     Along with the Images of Greatness project, we went on a field trip to learn about great people. My favorite educational part of the trip was probably the art museum. Whenever I go on a trip, I always like going to the art museums and finding weird art that is either simple or complex. One of the pieces of art in the museum that was kind of confusing, was a video a mother spitting on her son. I could somewhat understand it was art, but it just surprised me. I really wanted to get pictures at the museum because there were some really nice pieces of art, but my phone was dead.
     I think I learned the most when we watched the IMAX Movie about engineering. It was interesting to learn about how people made things and how they help. I didn't learn how to actually build anything, but I was able to learn why these things are made and what they do to help.
     The part of the trip that most surprised me was when we went to the Escape Chambers. I was thinking it wouldn't be that difficult, but it kind of was. It was mostly difficult because instructions weren't explained very well. So we had no idea what we had to do.
     One of the categories that we had to look for when we went to the art museum was "Why is this art?". There wasn't really anything that didn't make sense, but I put down the video of the mother spitting on his son. I guess I can understand it's art, but it isn't something you would think of when you think of art.
     During our trip, we also went to the Escape Chambers. Our team kind of escaped. Basically we were at the last couple minutes and we were asking the gamemaster to give us some clues. They were too slow and we ran out of time. Except they gave us more time, but we panicked and started switching random levers in the last room. So then we ran out of time, but we wouldn't have figured out the puzzle because it would've taken a lot of time. We had one of the employees come in the room and they helped us finish the the puzzle. So we didn't escape, but let's just say we did.  I think I had the most fun at the hotel. It was just fun to hang out with people and do things. It wasn't educational, but it was really fun. I very much enjoyed sleeping on the floor and not falling asleep until 3am. I had a great time!
     I think the best part of GOAL is learning things I enjoy learning. In most of the other classes, I don't enjoy what we're learning and just go with it. But in GOAL, I have fun with learning. I also like the people in the class because they're pretty cool. Some advice I would give to students in GOAL is to have fun, but not too much fun. Too much fun leads to not much work done and that's not good. Have fun with what you do and enjoy it. Students should be excited to go on fun field trips and do fun projects. They're better than the things we do in the other classes. I'm going to miss everything in this class because it seems like TAG in highschool is different and is mostly independent projects. It was really fun being in middle school GOAL and hopefully TAG will be too!

Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

     My group's History Day project is about how after September 11, 2001, the US started to stand up to terrorism and increased security in the country. We made a website explaining what happened on 9/11 and what we did afterwards. We took a stand against terrorism and that's how it relates to this year's theme. I did agree with most things the judges said about our project.
     There were things we could've done to improve, but how the said our topic doesn't relate to the theme that well doesn't make sense to me. After something bad happened to the US, we fought back. I think the most interesting thing I learned about my topic was how people were allowed to bring knives on planes. They are weapons and if you had them on a plane there wasn't really any reason to have them. Because of that, the terrorists were able to hijack the planes.
     The hardest part of the project was not putting too much information although we really wanted to. We have a word limit so we couldn't have too much information which limited us from things that could have helped our website. Getting things done on time was also something difficult. I was gone for four days during the project and couldn't do research. Getting caught up on that was a bit difficult.
     I improved as a learner by learning how to find reliable sources and finding sources that aren't reliable. There were a few sites that we found while researching that wasn't like other sources and we could tell that it had false information. I also learned how to make a website. I've never made a website and I'm sure that not all website creators are like Weebly, but I learned how they worked at least.
     We could have improved our project with more information if there wasn't a word limit. We could've also added a few more pictures, made the pages cleaner and easier to understand, and maybe added some audio clips to understand what happened during the hijacking. What I'm most proud of about the project is just the website. It was fun to make and something that I haven't done before.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

     My project was on pen spinning. Pen spinning is a sport that involves spinning a pen or pencil. I presented with Google Slides and I talked about the history, tricks, the World Tournament, and some famous pen spinners.
     What I really liked about the project was the research. I enjoyed learning about the tricks and trying to perform them. There were many tricks and pen spinners I hadn't heard of.
     The most difficult part of my project was getting it done on time and finding GIFs for my presentation. I had a hard time finding GIFs, so I had to convert videos into GIFs which took a while. Other than that it wasn't too difficult.
     This project helped me present better and not be so scared to present. I was prepared this time and I chose to present. I don't think there would be much I would change if I were to improve my presentation. I would probably explain how pen trick names are made and how fingerslots are important. Also explaining how to perform more tricks would improve it too.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shakespeare Reflection

   When I first heard we were going to do a Shakespeare unit, I didn't really think I would enjoy it. Then, after going through the unit a bit I started to like the unit. Making Shakespearean insults and insulting people was really fun. I learned more about the language Shakespeare used in his plays. Later, we read some of the script from the Taming of the Shrew. It was a bit difficult to read, because it was in Shakespearean English. I still enjoyed it though and the Shakespeare unit.

   In the Taming of the Shrew, I think Kate was tamed. I think this because after she got married to Petruchio, she wasn't really that mean. She dealt with what Petruchio did to her. Kate even made a whole speech about being obedient. I don't really understand how she wouldn't be tamed after that.

    I think Shakespeare is still important to learn about today because it's just like learning about other famous people hundreds of years ago. They did something amazing that effects what we do today, so you should learn about what they did that changed how we do things today. Shakespeare made lots of great plays that are still being remade today. He made up new words that we use today. Shakespeare is just an important guy that we should learn about.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

Here are some goals I set for myself. My academic goal is to get A's in all of my classes this year. Some classes I've had a hard time with and I didn't do that well. So I want to improve that by studying more and spending more time on projects. My personal behavior goal is to just behave well. I want to try to do what I'm supposed to do and get work done on time. My improvement goal is to improve on everything else. To improve on writing, studying, and working. These are all important areas to work on because you can improve and do better than you did before.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Breakout Box Reflection

    A Breakout Box is a box with lots of locks. You have to find clues to unlock the locks. And it's really fun depending on the theme of the box or what the clues are. If I were to tell someone else what a Breakout Box is I would just tell them that it's a puzzle that includes boxes, locks, and clues. You have to use the clues to unlock the locks and open the box. It's not that difficult to explain.
    The skills needed to open a Breakout Box is understanding the theme a bit and knowing the locks. If you had no idea who Mark Twain is, then it would be pretty difficult to open a Mark Twain themed Breakout Box. So you need to know at least some things about the theme so you understand the clues better. You need to know the locks so you know how many numbers or letters to look for and not looking for things that won't work.
    We also designed our own Breakout Box and the skills needed for that is creativity and making sure it's not too difficult. You wanna make sure your clues are understandable, but still difficult. You want to also have creativity so your box is fun and not boring.
   The things that went well with our box when the other teams tried to solve it is, they understood the clues, they worked together, made the right choices, and they solved it. If they didn't understand the clues and didn't work together, they would make bad choices.
    An unexpected challenge that the other teams had when they tried to solve our box was the triangle math problem. It was a challenge because it wasn't expected and they had to do math. After they found the answer they had to make sure it was right and pick the right envelope for a key to unlock the last lock.
    A good theme for a Breakout Box would be about everything they learned before the Breakout Box unit. They will have to look through old papers and remember things to answer clues because some of it might not be something you can just search. It would be very challenging.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hannibal Reflection

    Our GOAL class went to Hannibal, MO to learn more about Mark Twain for our Mark Twain unit. We went to the boyhood home, some museums and the Mark Twain Caves. We learned about the things that influenced Mark Twain's writing and what his life was like.
    The most educational part of the trip for me was the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum. It explained his early life and where he lived. I learned that Mark Twain had a really nice house. Much better than Tom Blankenship's house at least. I also learned about the things that influenced his characters in his writing.
    My favorite part of the trip was when we went to the caves. I understood why it would be fun to explore them. It was also cool to see the places in the cave where Tom Sawyer went in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
    I would improve the trip by adding the river boat part to it. Also more places to go. I don't feel like we did enough even though we did do a lot. Just more things to do would be good.
    If I didn't do any research on Mark Twain, I wouldn't of understood most of the things we talked about during the trip. I would've understood some things from the museums, but it really helps to know at least what Mark Twain did and why he's famous before going.