Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

     My group's History Day project is about how after September 11, 2001, the US started to stand up to terrorism and increased security in the country. We made a website explaining what happened on 9/11 and what we did afterwards. We took a stand against terrorism and that's how it relates to this year's theme. I did agree with most things the judges said about our project.
     There were things we could've done to improve, but how the said our topic doesn't relate to the theme that well doesn't make sense to me. After something bad happened to the US, we fought back. I think the most interesting thing I learned about my topic was how people were allowed to bring knives on planes. They are weapons and if you had them on a plane there wasn't really any reason to have them. Because of that, the terrorists were able to hijack the planes.
     The hardest part of the project was not putting too much information although we really wanted to. We have a word limit so we couldn't have too much information which limited us from things that could have helped our website. Getting things done on time was also something difficult. I was gone for four days during the project and couldn't do research. Getting caught up on that was a bit difficult.
     I improved as a learner by learning how to find reliable sources and finding sources that aren't reliable. There were a few sites that we found while researching that wasn't like other sources and we could tell that it had false information. I also learned how to make a website. I've never made a website and I'm sure that not all website creators are like Weebly, but I learned how they worked at least.
     We could have improved our project with more information if there wasn't a word limit. We could've also added a few more pictures, made the pages cleaner and easier to understand, and maybe added some audio clips to understand what happened during the hijacking. What I'm most proud of about the project is just the website. It was fun to make and something that I haven't done before.

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